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Latest Edition of the Index covering Issues 1 - 188 is now AVAILABLE !!

CAHW (Computer And Home Workshop) was specifically set up to provide a computerised index for the readers of the Model Engineers' Workshop* magazine.

The Index is supplied on a CD along with a printed manual.

There are 3,579 Indexed Article Titles on the current CD.

The current CD based index compliments and builds on the version published annually in MEW, allowing the user to quickly source articles of interest by selecting combinations of subject and/or author in a dynamic and intuitive manner.

The Index is presented in a form which maximises the visual attributes of the Windows environment and allows for fast searching by subjects and authors with the ability to select and search using any desired combination.

Any cross-references (including published corrections) which cover the users searched selection are listed in the right hand column. Specifically selecting any of the listed Titles narrows the focus to references relevant to that one article.

The database works entirely in just one screen so there are no annoying requirements to alternate between various screen options as with other databases. Scroll bars permit the user to peruse the complete content of every column extremely quickly.

Columns may be individually viewed in reverse order making access to the latest printed information even easier and quicker for the user.

To add to the functionality there is a thumbnail representing each magazine front cover along with the Issue Number.

The thumbnails speed searching through a collection for a specific copy as the user no longer has to examine each magazine for the publication month, instead he/she now seeks a matching front cover which is surprisingly effective.

* Model Engineers' Workshop is a registered trademark of MyTimeMedia Ltd

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